Christopher Ottesen

Christopher Ottesen
Christopher Ottesen is a Data Scientist with hands-on experience and theoretical background with popular data science and machine learning theory, tools, and frameworks. He is good at managing and organising data, performing descriptive statistics and analysis to develop insights, build predictive models and solve business-related problems. He is currently working for BJSS where he works with a core team of data scientists and machine learning engineers to solve a range of practical machine learning problems across different sectors from government and healthcare to commodity and finance.

He has hands-on-experience within a range of projects including but not limited to classification and regression problems, forecasting, natural language processing, computer vision, big data technologies and general programming with web development and app development. Before he joined BJSS as a Data Scientist he worked part-time with implementing various websites as a freelancer through his web development business in Norway (see some web projects here, this gave him a good overview not only of web development but also technologies surrounding the cloud and its infrastructure. In addition to the web development, Christopher always works on several personal projects, often just to learn new technology. This hands-on experience has given him the ability to implement products from A to Z and he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty with new and unfamiliar technology and libraries.
Christopher holds an MSc degree in data science from Queen Mary University of London, and a BSc degree in computer science with an emphasis on business intelligence tools from the Norwegian College of IT. His education has given him theoretical and hands-on experience with programming, business intelligence tools and mindset, machine learning, big data technologies, and statistics.

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Christopher has been a avid photography fan since he got his first camera as a five year old, he is still learning, but once in a while there is a good shot coming out from his lense. He started sharing pictures on Flickr a few years ago, but is now mostly sharing pictures through Instagram

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