Christopher Ottesen

Christopher Ottesen
Chris is a self-driven, dedicated and ambitious technologist with great technical skills and business mindset; keen to take on daily challenges and solving business critical problems.

He launched his career in Data Science after doing a research project applying machine learning on individualised healthcare, and is now working with innovative projects for large technology-driven companies in the UK. His diverse set of skills and experiences from software engineering to data science and project management, have made him a highly qualified and creative interdisciplinary professional with the skill-sets required to produce high quality business driven solutions. Chris quickly earns great trust from his team and colleagues, and is the person people turn to when they need advice, or suggestions.

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Christopher has been a avid photography fan since he got his first camera as a five year old, he is still learning, but once in a while there is a good shot coming out from his lense. He started sharing pictures on Flickr a few years ago, but is now mostly sharing pictures through Instagram

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