Book Review: The Pandas Workshop

I have used the Python data manipulation package Pandas daily and professionally for the last six years, but I’ve never actually done any official training or read books on using Pandas. My Pandas fluency has come slowly by solving daily problems and overcoming obstacles through looking at the Pandas documentation and reading helpful posts on…

AI practitioner turns Science Fiction into reality

Hesham Dar has been greatly influenced by Science Fiction in his work as a Data Scientist

Most people have dreamt about what the future looks like, but that future is already here for Hesham Dar – a Data Scientist and AI practitioner in Samsung Research. We talked with Hesham about how science fiction coloured his view on AI and how he wanted to be a part of developing the technology he saw on television shows such as Star Trek.

How Science Fiction inspires scientists

Spiraling into the future by Christopher Ottesen.

Thinking up new ideas and theories before technology can support them requires imagination, vision, and an open mind. This article explores how visionary science fiction writers lays the groundwork for technological inventions long before the required technology exists. The science fiction genre has been called the “literature of ideas”. While humans have always speculated about futuristic…

Tutorial: Stress detection with wearable devices and Machine Learning

This blog post presents an automated machine learning approach in Python to create a stress monitoring system with data from devices such as fitness trackers. With the rising popularity of trackers that monitor biological signals 24/7, there is only a matter of time before the technology matures and everyone will be wearing their own ‘doctor…